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What Conservatives think about
Richard Viguerie, watch the video below:


Grow yourself and the Conservative Cause 100% - 1,000%

From the pioneer of political direct marketing comes a NEW and FREE weekly post with SAGE ADVICE on how YOU can be 100% - 1,000% more effective in the spiritual civil war the Left launched against America.  

Each week, you'll receive ideas, advice, and information found nowhere else that will help you grow or start a nonprofit, run for office, fundraise, or simply re-commit at the grassroots activist level to help save America. 

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A few GO BIG chapters. 
See what will help you be a more effective activist, and
successful in business and life.

Chapter 2 

 – Viguerie’s Four Horsemen of Marketing.

Chapter 3  

 – Brand Yourself, Brand Your Organization
– Change Your Life, Change the World.

Chapter 4 

 – Do You Have a Tagline?

Chapter 8  

  – How and Why to Acquire New Donors.

Chapter 12

 – It’s the Primaries, Stupid!

Chapter 14

 – Internet Marketing.

Chapter 16

– What You Can Do to Save America.

Chapter 19

– 11 Big Mistakes Conservative Leaders Make.

Chapter 21

 – How to Grow 10x = 1,000%.

Are You Being a Good Steward of
Your Nonprofit’s Money?
Continuing #4…


Dear Conservative Leader/Activist,


Direct Mail Can Help Create Brand Loyalty

When a political campaign does do direct mail, it’s almost always weak and ineffective. Most political direct mail consists of a large broadside mailer, printed front and back on one page of cardstock, with lots of headlines and family pictures. A well-written, four-page letter hand-written from the candidate, the wife/husband or mother, etc., with a 3x5 snapshot, is far more effective than a commercial-looking broadside.

The high-priced consultant tells a young aide the outline of what they want the self-mailer to be. A few days later the trainee comes back with their copy and photos. The consultant makes a few edits, and then it’s sent to a printer and an invoice is sent to the candidate for 15% of the cost of the broadside.

And remember, the primary purpose of any conservative nonprofit is not to raise money for salaries, rent, travel, etc. Even though those things are important, it’s also important to remember the reason people give donations is to solve the problem that the organization was formed to solve.


I feel strongly you’re not only not being a good steward of your nonprofit’s money, but you are failing your organization, your donors, supporters, and the cause of liberty, if you fail to fully utilize the power of postal direct mail/direct marketing in the Spiritual Civil War the progressives/socialists/Marxists have declared on the cause of liberty/freedom/America.

To be a good steward of a conservative nonprofit, it’s vitally important to understand the many purposes and benefits of postal advertising mail.  I address them in detail in my book Go Big, and will cover them in future posts here at my blog, Go Right – Go Big.

There are valuable ways that direct mail will educate, energize, and activate conservatives, so that we will win more elections and govern America.

In my next post, I’ll continue the discussion about how to be a good steward of a nonprofit’s money.

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