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May 14, 2024  


The political home of conservatives is the Republican Party.


Unfortunately, most of the leaders of the GOP are politically weak and ineffective, as well as not being principled, limited government, Constitutional conservatives.


Usually, GOP politicians speak and write like conservatives.  They tell us that they believe in limited government, lower taxes, less government regulation, support for life, support for traditional moral values, etc., etc.


However, when it is time to vote or take action they mostly support growing government.




The answer couldn’t be clearer.


To rewrite the cartoonist Walt Kelly’s famous statement by his cute, swamp possum character Pogo…“We’ve met the enemy, and it is us.”


My rephrasing of Pogo’s statement is…


“We’ve found the solution to our problems, and it is us conservatives.”




Fortunately, we live in a time where most everyone can be an editor, publisher, communicator, or influencer.


Those who lead a conservative organization need to encourage their members, donors, subscribers, and supporters to become activists.  Most nonprofits have regular communications with their members either via postal mail or the Internet.  Therefore, many, if not most of your communications should contain information, material that can be used to influence others.


Prepare your communications to make it easy for them to make copies or forward the information, material to their family, friends, neighbors, and others.


Not once, not twice, not three times, but far more often, urge your supporters to become modern-day Paul Reveres—alerting their family, friends, neighbors, and others that the Democrats are mean, evil, dangerous, corrupt, they lie, and their immediate goal is to convert America into a one-party, socialist/Marxist dictatorship.


Remember, the three major “secrets” of advertising are repetition/repetition/repetition.  Coca-Cola and Pepsi certainly know this.


Those of us that lead conservative organizations have access to a large amount of good conservative writing, blogs, podcasts, videos, books, articles, etc.


But that’s not the case for most grassroots conservatives.


So, make it as easy as possible for those you communicate with to be effective modern-day Paul Reveres.


By the way, not everyone is comfortable using the Internet, or even has access to the Internet.


Sometimes mail them articles, bumper stickers, yard signs, videos, paperback books to either use themselves or give to others.


The only path I see that leads to a victory for conservatives and defeat for the Democrats, is for leaders like you at the local, state, and national levels to rise up and provide leadership in whatever way you feel called to be effective.  We can no longer depend on the ineffective Republican Party and elected officials.



Next week, I’ll focus on how grassroots conservatives can be most effective in being modern-day Paul Reveres.

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