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GO RIGHT – GO BIG ● Blog Post #67



Post #67

July 2, 2024

Today I’m taking the unusual step of resending a memo I wrote to Conservative leaders this past February.


I’ve been writing and speaking on this subject since last year—Don’t say liberal and also don’t say Joe Biden.




Because it’s highly unlikely that Joe Biden will be on the November 5, 2024 election ballot.


After last week’s disastrous debate for Joe Biden, we’re now seeing important, national Democrats echoing my comments.


Please read my attached February 5th memo carefully because I outline two critically important reasons why we should be attacking, criticizing, and blaming Democrats and not Joe Biden or liberals.  Even if Biden remains the Democrat presidential nominee—words like liberal, the left, progressive, woke, socialist, Marxist will not be on the ballot.


Most all candidates for public office including city council, state legislature, the U.S. House, U.S. Senate, as well as the presidency will be identified as Democrat or Republican.


And if we put all of our political eggs in the basket of attacking Joe Biden and he’s not on the November ballot, we’re in serious political trouble.


But if we BRAND Democrat politicians and the Democrat Party and their policies, programs, and projects as the cause of our country’s problems, we’ll be in good shape regardless of who the Democrat candidate for president is.


In last week’s debate Donald Trump seldom identified America’s problems as being caused by Democrats.  Over and over he attacked President Biden.  Also, most conservatives are making the same mistake.


But if we are to save our Constitutional Republic, we need to convince the American people that most every national issue that upsets them, frustrates them, angers them, can be laid at the feet of the Democrat Party and Democrat elected and non-elected officials in government, including inflation, open borders, 100,000+ fentanyl deaths from drugs coming from China through our open border, crime, double standard of justice, an embarrassing/disastrous foreign policy, no limits on when a pre-born baby can be killed, including minutes before it's born, etc., etc.


If you agree, please forward this blog post and my attached February 5th memo to family members, friends, neighbors, fellow church members, co-workers, etc.


Also, write your own emails, write a letter or article and send it to your local newspaper or your favorite news website, blog, talk to family, friends, neighbors, and others.  And by the way, feel free to use any of my words, thoughts, ideas in this post and the February 5th memo—no need to give me credit—nothing in either one is copyrighted, and they are for the benefit of the Conservative Movement.


It’s important to get this message quickly to as many people as possible.


As always, your feedback is not only helpful and appreciated, but needed.  Please reply to





           TO:                    Key Conservative Leaders


           FROM:               Richard A. Viguerie 


           DATE:                February 5, 2024




Don’t Say Liberal and also Don’t Say…Joe Biden.


What am I talking about?


It’s very simple.


It’s my strong opinion that Joe Biden will not be on the November 5th presidential election ballot.


Call the national Democrat leaders, including John Podesta, Eric Holder, Marc Elias, Barack Obama whatever comes to your mind, BUT don’t call them stupid.  They are brilliant political strategists.  I’m not aware of any conservative that operates at their level.


There’s no way dozens of high-level Democrat, liberal, progressive, socialist, Marxist, very smart political strategists are going to allow a frail, mentally challenged, politically weak Biden to be the only thing between them and a President Donald Trump.


Remember, whatever condition Biden is in physically, mentally, and politically now, he will be worse by the time of the Democrat National Convention in August—and even worse again by the November election.  And long before the end of the next four years, it’s doubtful he will be mentally or physically able to be in public.


Having a “We Must Defeat Biden Strategy” is what the Democrats want conservatives to focus on.


How, when, and where the change will be made—I don’t know.  However, a good guess would be Monday evening, August 19, the first day of the Democrat National Convention in Chicago, IL.


President Biden goes to the cameras and microphones and announces he is not running for re-election.


However, he’s going to endorse his dear friend Michelle Obama to be the Democrat nominee for President of the United States.  The convention hall will go wild applauding, screaming, and yelling for Michelle, and most of our attacks against President Biden will be worth little in the next 77 days.


Michelle Obama (or almost certainly the pre-selected substitute candidate) will be able to credibly campaign saying they had nothing to do with the failed policies of the past 3 ½ years.


When I say, “DON’T SAY LIBERAL, DON’T SAY JOE BIDEN” in addition, I would add don’t say left, leftist, progressive, woke, socialist, Marxist.


What I mean is when possible, minimize your use of the words in your speeches, your writings, when speaking on radio or TV, using social media, etc.




It’s simple, but important.


Liberal, left, leftist, progressive, woke, socialist, Marxist won’t be on the election ballot this fall.


But the word DEMOCRAT will be on the ballot, and it will appear over and over.


Most all candidates for public office, including City Council, State Legislature, and the U.S. House, U.S. Senate, as well as the presidency, will be identified as DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN.


If we put all of our political eggs in the basket of attacking Joe Biden, and he’s not on the November ballot, we’re in serious political trouble.


But if we BRAND Democrat politicians and the Democrat Party as the cause of our country’s problems, we’ll be in good shape regardless of who is the Democrat candidate for president.


In other words, whoever replaces Biden will be a Democrat, and as such will have to carry the BRAND of the Democrat Party.




a.     Open southern and northern borders.

b.     Over 100,000 annual drug deaths (Fentanyl, etc.) by pills from China coming across our open border.

c.     Internationally wanted criminals, drug cartel members, terrorists by the thousands are walking into America through Joe Biden’s open borders.

d.     A major movement to defund and demonize law enforcement.

e.     Out of control spending leading to massive debt.

f.      Inflation.

g.     War on fossil fuels to force everyone to use electric powered cars/trucks.

h.     War on God, religion, Jews, Evangelicals, Catholics, religious liberty.

i.      Using federal government agencies, including FBI, IRS, CIA, DOJ, the Military to spy on, jail, and bankrupt conservatives/Republicans.

j.      Boys/men in girls/women’s bathrooms, showers, rooms on school trips.

k.     Boys/men participating and dominating in girls/women’s sports.

l.      Sexually graphic and explicit books are used in K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade.

m.    Prosecutors refusing to prosecute, jail, punish theft.

n.     Babies can be killed minutes before birth.


You and I could both add many more to this list.


But I’m sure the point I’m making is clear to you. 


Whatever is the problem in America that upsets people, angers them, causes pain (including financial pain)—it’s highly likely that at the core of the problem is the policies, programs, projects of the DEMOCRATS and the DEMOCRAT PARTY.


Sometimes the DEMOCRATS are mayors, city council members, state legislators, governors, members of Congress, the President, local/state/national bureaucrats, prosecutors, attorneys general, police chiefs, executives of national and multi-national corporations, unions, Wall Street executives, TV personalities, movie stars, school principals and teachers, college presidents and professors.




In the 1920s and for the next 80 years or so, the left/Democrats BRANDED Republicans as the party of the rich, big business, Wall Street, trickle-down economics.  Also, Democrats said Republicans were heartless, cruel, going to do away with Social Security and Medicare—they would unplug Grandpa’s oxygen machine and put Grandma out in the cold.


All lies, lies, lies.  But highly effective.


Democrats won a lot of elections with those lies.

Now conservatives have the opportunity to honestly and accurately BRAND the left as DEMOCRATS and the DEMOCRAT PARTY as anti-God, anti-America, Big Government, elite socialists/Marxists.


Once something is BRANDED it’s like super glue—usually permanent.


Each of us can and must use whatever resources, talents, opportunities available to us to BRAND people on the left as DEMOCRATS.


·       In your writings, including articles for publication.

·       When speaking publicly.

·       When you’re on TV, radio.

·       Blogs, podcasts.

·       When sending emails to one or one million.

·       In your nonprofit’s communications, including to your supporters, subscribers, donors, postal or digital communications to acquire new supporters, etc., etc.

·       In conversation with family, friends, colleagues, coworkers, fellow church members, etc.

·       All social media including X, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.


As I’ve previously said to you, the number one secret of advertising is repetition.  Coca-Cola and Pepsi certainly know this.


Consider the impact on this November’s election results, if through your BRANDING of DEMOCRATS, you helped thousands of people to become modern-day Paul Revere Riders educating Americans that most of America’s problems are caused by DEMOCRATS.


And in addition to those you reached, thousands of other conservative leaders were doing the same.


Then tens of millions of low-information voters (Rush Limbaugh’s description) will vote this fall with the following message rolling around in their head:




If that happens, conservatives will win a landslide election from the presidency to the court houses and lots in between.


Probably, most of your donors, supporters, subscribers, family, and friends don’t realize that DEMOCRATS have launched a SPIRITUAL CIVIL WAR against traditional values, Judeo-Christian Americans—and it’s up to conservative leaders like you to spread the word to grassroots conservative activists.


They may feel that the DEMOCRATS are simply our political opponents and that we disagree with them on issues at the margins, such as how much to fund various government agencies, the size of the national debt, our tax policies, etc.


NO, not only do the DEMOCRATS want to end the America we know and love and replace our government with a one-party socialist/Marxist government, but they also want to destroy Western Civilization and replace it with a one-world government run by the elite.


The DEMOCRATS are not our opponents—they are our enemies.  They are fully engaged in spying, arresting, jailing, bankrupting conservatives that are effectively opposing their agenda and it’s getting worse by the day.


By the way, I don’t say/write the word Democratic, as in Democratic candidates, Democratic Party, even though that’s what the Democrats want people to say/write and of course it’s their legal name.


I say they are Democrats, it’s the Democrat Party—not Democratic.  Just a thought.


Feel free to forward this memo to any conservative you think could benefit from them.  Only by greatly expanding our numbers, activists, and outreach can we hope/expect to win.

This free post is brought to you by American Target Advertising™ (ATA) and American Mailing List Corporation™—“ConservativeListsRUs.”  ATA was the world’s first conservative direct marketing agency and still is the largest with over 90 team members and mailing over 100,000,000 postal letters yearly.


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