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GO RIGHT – GO BIG ● Blog Post #53


Post #53

March 19, 2024

Today’s blog post is a continuation of the recent posts where I have been suggesting ideas to help improve your postal/digital fundraising results.


Of course, these ideas should not only be considered now in this difficult fundraising environment, but they are good, sound marketing ideas that should inform all of your future marketing.


20.  Make the package including the letter scannable.  People seldom read a letter word for word.  Most will scan the letter jumping from sentence to paragraph.  Use headlines and underlining, as well as writing in the margins, to call attention to your important points.


21.  Your gift matched (an anonymous donor will match your donation $ for $) until X date.


22.  A “confidential report” in a manila folder in a 9x12 carrier envelope.  This is an idea that you use for previous donors.


23.  Car/refrigerator magnet.


24.  Live stamps on the RAE.


25.  Postcards pre-addressed to members of Congress, state legislators, a governor, a business leader, etc.


26.  A dollar bill that either totally or partly shows through the carrier envelope.


27.  Coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarter, half dollar) that show through the carrier envelope.


28.  A negotiable check for a small amount of money, e.g., $1, $2, $2.24, etc.


29.   A faux check.  A check that’s not negotiable, perhaps for an amount that you encourage them to consider contributing, i.e., $25, $50, etc., or perhaps a check for a large amount showing their share of the national debt or their share of a new congressional spending bill.


30.  Foreign money that’s worth only a few cents can be especially effective for a postal mailing emphasizing the dangers of inflation, out of control spending, etc.


Your feedback is helpful, appreciated, and needed.  Please email me at with any thoughts or comments you may have.

This free post is brought to you by American Target Advertising™ (ATA) and American Mailing List Corporation™—“ConservativeListsRUs.”  ATA was the world’s first conservative direct marketing agency and still is the largest with over 85 team members (increasing to 135 by 2024) that will mail over 300,000,000 postal letters in the 2023-2024 election cycle for 40+ clients who will receive over 7,000,000 donations from over 2,500,000 unique donors.

​Much of the information in is from Richard A. Viguerie’s new book, GO BIG – The Marketing “Secrets” of Richard A. Viguerie. Copies for yourself or as a gift can be ordered at or, or at your favorite online bookstore.

If you wish to buy copies to be given free to high school or college students to encourage them to seek a career in conservative politics/marketing, go to

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