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GO RIGHT – GO BIG ● Blog Post #37


Post #37

November 21, 2023

One concern I have as a write this bog is that it may offend some. Many of you have labored tirelessly and sacrificially in the conservative vineyard for years, some even decades.

Please don’t take offense—no more than you would if someone warned you of an impending danger that saved your life.

And that’s what I’m trying to do.

If the Democrats win the presidency and the Congress in 2024, America as we know it will cease to exist in 2025—we’ll become a socialist/Marxists one-party dictatorship.

How do we avoid this disaster?

The answer is not the Republican Party or Republican leaders or politicians.

In 2014, Professor Harry Jaffa of Claremont Institute said:

“Western Civilization survives because of America.

America survives because of the Conservative Movement.”

I’ve added: “The Conservative Movement survives because of several hundred

conservative leaders, spokesmen, donors, and activists.”

And that’s a fact. If America is to be saved, it’s up to many of the people receiving this blog.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is most (90%) of conservative leaders have not been up to the challenge.

Why do I say 90% of conservative leaders have not been up to the challenge?


Look at the facts—facts can be embarrassing:

1. Conservatives/Republicans significantly underperformed in 2018, 2020, 2022, 2023 elections. In spite of the issues being lined up for us better than any time since the beginning of the Republican Party.

2. Liberals have over 20,000 single-issue nonprofits.

Conservatives have about 1,500 single-issue nonprofits.

3. Liberals have over 20,000,000+ unique donors.

Conservatives have about 3,500,000 unique donors.

4. Liberals yearly raise over $200 billion through their nonprofits.

Conservatives yearly raise about $20 billion through their nonprofits.

In 2022 Republican Congressional candidates raised about $1.7 billion.

6. The five largest pro-abortion organizations in 2021 raised $1,817,666,705.

The five largest pro-life organizations in 2021 raised $90,705,435.

7. The 20 largest private liberal family foundations in 2021 had assets of $212,597,048,793 ($212+ billion).

The 20 largest private conservative family foundations in 2021 had assets of $20,218,850,440 ($20+ billion).

I could go on and on, but you see the hard evidence of how the Left is massively outperforming us conservatives.

To be continued next week with WHY THE LEFT IS OUTPERFORMING US.

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