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GO RIGHT – GO BIG ● Blog Post #3

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Viguerie's BLOG: TAGLINE

Post #3

April 4, 2023


So very few professional marketers ever think about the importance of a tagline. To add insult to injury, the few who do usually get it wrong!

Why is a tagline so important? That is the simple part to answer.

Your organization’s name, business, or product usually doesn’t describe who you are, what you do, why people should care. It doesn’t say anything about how you’re different from others.


If you received a mailing from an organization named Voters for America, would you know if it was liberal or conservative? The same goes for Citizens for Honest Elections, or Action Now, or Listen America…

The purpose of a tagline is to let people quickly, in one to two seconds, know they should pay attention because you are special. You are unique. A tagline must separate you from all others in your market.

While most good taglines are short and sweet, don’t overly worry about having a brief, punchy tagline. Focus on having a good, effective tagline that distinguishes you.


Most of us lead full and busy lives. On a really good day, you may have about 10 seconds to convince them to take your desired action before your brilliant direct mail letter goes in the waste basket. On a typical day, you’re lucky if you even have five seconds.

It’s even worse for emails. Many people get 50-100+ a day. In one or two seconds, your brilliant email will be deleted or ignored forever. Hook them fast with a powerful tagline!

The number one “secret” of advertising is repetition. Coca-Cola and Pepsi certainly know this.

You, personally, would also be helped if you identified how you wanted people to think of you in 5–10 words—and started using it when speaking and/or writing.

Hook them with a potent tagline. Repeat your message. Cement the relationship.

In my next two blog posts, I’ll continue the TAGLINE discussion, including the importance of giving people a tune to whistle with examples.

In each edition of GO RIGHT - GO BIG, I will include a brief survey to help educate the media and the political establishment about the views and values of conservative leaders. I’ll share the results in the following GO RIGHT - GO BIG post, and also publish them on our website. Look for them now!

This free post is brought to you by American Target Advertising™ (ATA) and American Mailing Lists Corporation™—“Conservative Donors R Us.” ATA was the world’s first conservative direct marketing agency and still is the largest with over 80 team members (increasing to 135 by 2024) that will mail over 300,000,000 postal letters in the 2023-2024 election cycle for 40+ clients who will receive over 7,000,000 donations from over 2,500,000 unique donors.

​Much of the information in is from Richard A. Viguerie’s new book, GO BIG – The Marketing “Secrets” of Richard A. Viguerie. Copies for yourself or as a gift can be ordered at or, or at your favorite online bookstore.

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