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GO RIGHT – GO BIG ● Blog Post #41


Post #41

December 19, 2023

Oh, and by the way, also DON’T say woke, progressive, socialist, Marxist.




Because liberal, woke, progressive, socialist, Marxist will not be on the November 5, 2024 ballot.


The November 5, 2024 presidential, congressional, and state ballots will be a binary election.  Most all candidates will be listed as being a Democrat or a Republican.


We conservatives need to help our family, friends, neighbors, and others who may share our views and values but consider themselves Democrats understand what it is that the Democrat Party believes in and will implement into law if they are elected.


Conservatives, we need to BRAND our enemies—and they are our enemies, because they have launched a Spiritual Civil War against God, America, our Constitution, our traditional moral values.


If we correctly BRAND the Democrats, it will prevent them from winning national elections for decades to come (White House, Congress, and most statewide offices).


It’s the leaders of the Democrat Party who want to open our southern border, allowing terrorists, criminals, illegal drugs including fentanyl to flood our country and kill Americans.


It’s Democrats who want to defund the police.


It’s Democrat prosecutors to refuse to arrest and jail people who “only” steal $900.


It’s Democrats who have declared war on fossil fuel that has led to sky high gas prices.


It’s Democrats out of control government spending that has led to high inflation.


It’s Democrats out of control government spending that has led to sky high interest rates.


It’s Democrats who insist boys and men have the right to participate in girls and women’s sports.


It’s Democrats who insist that teenage boys and men can use the bathrooms and showers of teenage girls and women.


From the 1920s until the end of the century, Democrats successfully but incorrectly branded Republicans as the party of the rich, big business, trickle-down economics, etc. 


Now conservatives have the opportunity and the need to correctly BRAND candidates who are liberals, progressives, socialists, and Marxists as Democrats.


More on BRANDING our enemies as DEMOCRATS next week.

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