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GO RIGHT – GO BIG ● Blog Post #35

They are not woke, liberal, progressive, socialist, or Marxist— they are Democrats and here’s why that’s important

Post #35

November 7, 2023

When appropriate it’s important to identify those who have launched a Spiritual Civil War against all that we hold dear and cherish about our beloved America, not as woke, liberals, progressives, socialists, Marxists, but as Democrats.

The 2024 election will be a binary election. 99.9% of those elected in November 2024 will be identified on the ballot as a Republican or Democrat. So, if you want your vote to count, you’ll be limited to one of those two choices: Republican or Democrat.

Yes, there will be candidates on some ballots that are identified other than Republican or Democrat. Some people will have the opportunity to vote for candidates running as an independent, a socialist, libertarian—and many will have the opportunity to vote for president for a candidate running as a No Label candidate or Bobby Kennedy or Cornel West as Independents.

But a vote for them will be a protest vote as they have zero chance of being elected.

That’s why it’s important to communicate this consistent and repetitive message to the public. When voters consider the issues that are important to them, such as those below, they realize their pain, suffering, and problems are caused by Democrats.

  • High inflation.

  • An unsustainable national debt of $33 trillion.

  • America with no southern border causing crime, unemployment, massive increase of government benefits, and suppressed wages.

  • Sky high gas and fuel prices.

  • Males participating and dominating in women’s sports.

  • A rising crime and murder rate.

  • A movement to attack and defund the police.

  • A movement to abolish all traditional, moral values.

  • A foreign policy so weak and ineffective that mean, evil, and dangerous men in Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China feel emboldened to expand their power and influence and challenge America and freedom around the world.

By the way, we can’t depend on the national Republican Party and most Republican politicians to undertake this project. Most are weak, boneless, and spineless in fighting Democrats. Also, most national and state GOP committees and politicians are under the control and/or influence of content-free Republican consultants.

For conservatives to have a big red wave victory in November 2024, we need to BRAND the Left as Democrats. And if we’re successful, some of the (older/wiser) Democrats will be holding meetings in early 2025 to discuss abandoning today’s Democrat Party and forming a new “mainstream” political party.

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