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GO RIGHT – GO BIG ● Blog Post #16

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

How to Grow Conservative Nonprofits Continued...#4

Post #16

June 27, 2023

My heritage is Cajun—ask a Cajun chef how to prepare any Cajun dish, and he or she will start with the same sentence, “Well, first you make a roux (a sauce).” My advice before starting any important project is, “Well, first you start with what I call Newt’s Four-Part Plan.”

Before starting any important project, you need to clearly understand where you want to go—where do you want to be in one, five, ten, and twenty+ years? The number one benefit of writing the plan is not working the plan. That’s important, but it is secondary. The number one benefit is WRITING THE PLAN, because as you write the plan it helps to clarify your thinking. I do this exercise once or twice a week—before an important meeting, trip, phone call, etc.

I’ve worked with very few people who understand how to write a plan. For most people a plan is a list of their goals, dreams, wishes, and aspirations. That’s not a plan. A plan has concrete measurable actions you’re going to undertake to achieve goals, plus when and how.

In my next post, I’ll tell you why I call it “Newt’s Four-Part Plan” and how to write one.

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