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GO RIGHT – GO BIG ● Blog Post #10

Updated: Jul 10

Viguerie’s BLOG: Are You Being a Good Steward of

Your Nonprofit’s Money?

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Post #10

May 16, 2023

Most GOP Consultants Misuse Direct Mail

Of all conservative/Republicans who misuse direct mail, none are more guilty than political candidates, their campaign teams, and especially their high-priced campaign consultants.

Political campaign consulting is a big business. Unfortunately, too many campaign consultants are not professional. Most learn by trial and error, by working as a junior aide in a campaign right out of college. Few have spent much time reading and studying about their profession. Most have probably never read a marketing book, which means they have no real understanding of building a BRAND for their candidate.

Also, Republican campaign consultants are well-known as not having strong ideological beliefs. Morton Blackwell says, “Most are content-free”—going with whoever pays them the most. With few exceptions, they resist using principled conservative issues in the campaign. Campaigning as a full out-and-out conservative makes most Republican consultants nervous.

The national Republican committees, including the Republican National Committee, the Senatorial and House of Representative Committees, the Republican Governors Association, etc., are all well-known to be under the control of Big Government, establishment Republicans—many are anti-conservative.

The more paid advertising the campaign does, the more money the consultants make, even if that’s not the best use of the campaign’s donations.

Most Republican political consultants (I assume the same is true for Democrats) are like a groundhog—they know one thing. And that one thing is a campaign needs lots of money to run lots of ads, for which they are compensated by receiving about 15% of the cost of the ad.

Democrat campaigns generally have strong ground games—thanks to unions and leftwing activists. Few Republican campaigns know what constitutes a ground game, and they seldom have a credible, serious one. To consultants, door knocks and robo phone calls is a good ground game. Also, campaign consultants haven’t figured out how to send a 15% invoice for a ground game.

In my next post, I’ll continue the discussion about how to be a good steward of a nonprofit’s money.

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